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Bitcoin or BTC (Symbol: Ƀ) is a cryptocurrency and online payment system which supported open source protocol that is independent of any central authority. A Bitcoin can be transferred by a computer, laptop or phone without recourse to a financial intermediary.
Cloud Mining offer instant access to a mining platform to anyone who wants to start mining instant, whether its because you do not have the knowledge or information to do it by yourself or you just do not want to incur the massive start-up value of buying and managing your own hardware system. Simply it is sharing the processing power our data centers to mine together with us as a group. By working together in a pool and sharing the payouts amongst contributors, miners can get a steady flow of Bitcoin starting the day they activate their miner.
No, this is not; this is an investment in Crypto-currencies, similar to the stock market. A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of maintained returns to existing investors from funds paid by new investors. Ponzi system controllers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to produce high returns with little or no risk.
Yes, the affiliate program of the prominingrig Company allows obtaining additional income with minimal effort by attracting new members. We offer up to 100% referral power on successful purchase of your referral. You can find your referral link from referral program section and share it to anyone to earn referral bonus.
Currently we do not provide any refunds. Mining powers once allotted will not be refunded back.
Please send your query to our support team with using contact us page inquiry form of our website or you can drop us mail at:

Sign up providing your Email Address, Username, Password and Country and Start generating Bitcoin.
There will be fixed fee of 0.0002BTC will be applied for all the transaction and it will be taken off from main balance.
All your coins are immediately applied to your account balance and are available for instant withdrawal. You can always go to the withdrawal section of your account to withdraw your funds.
No more than one account is allowed per person. Multiple account openings is against our internal users policy and might result in membership termination.
All plans are valid for the stipulated duration specified in the plans from plan purchase date.
You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like
You can generate as high as 0.000288 BTC every day without investments. You just have to refer your family and friends who will invest in any Promining Rig Plans.

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly, in rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer.
Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC..
prominingrig mining plans are instant. Once you have click on any plan and have filled in the amount you wish to purchase the server. It will be deducted instantly from your account and your mining immediately starts counting.
prominingrig mining plans are purchased with funds in the wallet. Incase of insufficient account balance, you can deposit more funds into your account through the deposit section.

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